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Patrons are important and very essential to
Zurmang Kagyud Buddhist Foundation......

To carry on the traditions of Buddhism, we need to think ahead to the next generation. That is to create lasting structures that foster practices and so making the dharma alive and more available to interested individuals. So, Zurmang Kagyud Buddhist Foundation is established under the guidance of His Eminence, the 12th Zurmang Gharwang Rinpoche through his ceaseless compassion to work tirelessly for the benefit of sentient beings by doing things like:

" Preserving the original Zurmang Text and reprinting
" Establishing a Buddhist Institute of Higher Learning
" Establishing Retreat Centre
" Building a nunnery
" Clinic for both the resident lamas and villagers in Lingdum
" Home for the aged and destitute
" Orphanage
" Establishing Overseas Dharma Centres
" Publication of Dharma books
" Feeding & housing more than 700 monks in both Lingdum & Qinghai Zurmang Monasteries

The whole purpose and intention is to have a system to support the continuation for the practice and study of the buddha dharma especially in the Zurmang Tradition.

In order to realize the successful completion of these projects, Rinpoche is reaching out to all of us to help us practice generosity for the benefit of all sentient beings. Rinpoche will make special arrangements for the lamas in the monastery to specially chant daily prayers and dedicate the merits to all patrons who contribute to this good cause.

Enquiries can be made to Gharwang Rinpoche or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Application form will be available upon request, and thank you for your support.


alt Buddha gave Sudatta (a well known patron during Buddha's time) several important teachings about wealth and generosity. He said that there are four kinds of bliss for a head of household: the bliss of ownership; the bliss of sharing wealth; the bliss of debtlessness; and the bliss of blamelessness.

He said it was fine for lay people to seek long life, beauty, happiness, fame and rebirth in a heaven, but these things could not be obtained merely by prayer or by taking vows. He explained that only perfection of confidence (in the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha), perfection of virtue, perfection of generosity and perfection of wisdom can truly bring those precious rewards.



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The need for funding

alt Many of the monks at Lingdum Monastery come from very poor families of the remote areas of Sikkim with some from as far away as Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan. Sponsoring a monk is to show acknowledgement of the courage that many of the young people here show, having left their families and homeland where they can neither follow their religious beliefs nor pursue their spiritual development.





altOnce accepted into the monastery they may not see their family or relatives again, and have no support. They cannot afford to pay a regular contribution for their food and accommodation to the Monastery. By accepting these monks into the community, we take the full responsibility for their welfare, their education and their care in sickness and old age. All facilities are offered free to the monks to enable them to focus completely on their studies and to practice the teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha.
In the past few years the number of monks at Lingdum doubled. Many suffer frequently from diseases such as TB, liver problems and general debility because of the hot climate.
The financial burden of looking after such a large community is quite considerable. It is for this reason that we appeal to your generosity to secure more funding to enable the monastery to provide these monks with their daily necessities.

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Over the past decade Lingdum Monastery has taken care of its ever-increasing number of monks. and accommodation is become acute with the growing number of students.
Donations from patrons that support the goals of the monastery have always been essential for the survival and the expansion of the monastery. We appeal to your generosity to support our efforts to provide a place of study and practice to young people of the Himalayan region and to preserve the religious and cultural heritage of Tibet.

alt Our priority for the next few years will be to improve the general standard of education and upgrade all levels of educational facilities. For this purpose an education fund has been established. The main purpose of the fund is to support a greater number of qualified teachers.
You can sponsor:
Sponsorship of study material (books, notebooks, pencils etc) for one student for one year - US$50 per year


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Counting everything from clothing and food to the last stick of wood, it costs about US$1.00 a day to completely care for one monk. This is less than the price of one cup of coffee, or the price of dinner once a month.

Contribute just $30 a month to completely take care of a monk's living expenses. Your contribution goes towards covering the living expenses of all monks. In this way the benefits of your generosity will continue as long as the monastery exists, and you are helping the whole community of monks.
You can sponsor
Part sponsorship of the living cost for one monk at US$15 a month
Full sponsorship of the living cost for one monk at US$30 a month
If you would like to correspond personally with a monk please contact our sponsor coordinator, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. who will inform you of the guidelines applying to this type of sponsorship. 

See Photo Gallery - Monk sponshorship
For those of you who prefer to sponsor the more scholarly monks, these are the Shedra Monks who are studying in the Lingdum Buddhist Institute.*

They will become the future Khenpos of Zurmang and they definitely need your help and support to realise their dreams and fulfill the mission of Gharwang Rinpoche.

Lingdum Retreat Centre is temporarily used as the Buddhist Institute as the funding is still not enough to start the building of the Lingdum Buddhist Institute!

Among all the Kagyud Monasteries, Zurmang has the most
Lamas! That's the reason why Rinpoche has to build the Buddhist Institute in order to house and provide for all the lamas who wish to study and practice the Profound Zurmang Lineage Tradition....."

See Photo Gallery -



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