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Bardo Teachings Part 9

Bardo Teachings Part 9

However, for individuals of higher capacity,

it is not necessary to rely on the methods explained earlier.

According to the Summary of Conduct, oral instructions, etc.,

for others, instead of arising in the bardo of death,

at that time, they will attain enlightenment

in the form of the illusory body as a saṃbhogakāya.

Having recognized the three appearances of the stages of death,

and having remained in meditative equipoise

on luminosity as long as possible,

when the three appearances are about to dawn in reverse order,

make prayers with the thought intending to arise as the illusory body,

and arise instantaneously and clearly as the illusory body

in form of the deity, which is empty and yet appears.

Again, return to the ultimate luminosity of thusness,

which will purify you, whereupon you will

pass beyond the impure bardo of existence within saṃsāra.

Upon arising from that state of luminosity,

the three appearances will dawn in the reverse order

together with the wisdom wind,

like a fish leaping out of water.

Having arisen as the kāya of union,

you will attain the supreme accomplishment of no more learning in the bardo,

and actualize the saṃbhogakāya.

Earlier masters call this the "lazy enlightenment in the bardo."

As stated in Kapé,

"Due to that, in the bardo of existence

one may arise as the illusory body and the kāya of union.

By meditating in that way to attain the complete saṃbhogakāya,

the door to the womb will be closed."

For those of middling and lesser capacity, etc.,

once they recognize that they are in the bardo by relying on signs,

although arising in the form of the saṃbhogakāya in the bardo
is only within the reach of those of highest capacity,

these other practitioners can achieve a similitude of this by meditating on the deity,

whereupon they can achieve the attainment of closing the door to rebirth, etc.

According to the Short Treatise on the Six Dharmas,

"At that time, meditate on deity yoga,

or rest in the state of thusness.

After that, when you are about to take rebirth,

by means of the yoga of the sovereign deity,

practice the yoga of viewing all appearances and existence

as the deity and maṇḍala.

In that way, the bardo will be stopped."

Meditate on yourself and the world with all its inhabitants

as the yidam deity and maṇḍala.

Sustain the view of the nature of reality and,

as explained in the instructions for the illusory body and dream yoga,

Meditate on the unreality of whatever appears—the world and all its inhabitants—

which are empty, and yet appear.

Like a rainbow, which cannot be cut,

similarly, the mental body of the bardo

cannot be harmed by the four elements or other living creatures.

So, you should keep this in mind and let go of fear.

Abandon and stamp down on self-grasping, which is the root of all faults.

In summary, whatever frightening appearances arise,q

such as the terrifying sounds, the abysses, and threatening dangers,

do not be afraid,

but train in the Śrāvaka practices, develop bodhicitta of the Mahāyāna,

or practice the view of the yoga of creation stage of Mantrayāna, etc.

Apply yourself at whatever virtuous conduct you practiced previously,

and by merely remembering that, you will be protected from fear

and will attain liberation.

Do not allow your mind to become engrossed in confused appearances

for even a moment, but unerringly hold fast to the essence of mind.

Your consciousness will become powerful

and you will attain mastery over the winds.

At that time, even if confused appearances arise in the mind,

these will become part of the path to realize reality.

It is important to practice in that way.

From now on, continually think,

"I am in the bardo,"

and sustain the practices

that you were previously taught.