** If you see your Guru as a Buddha, you will recieve the blessings of a Buddha ** If you see your Guru as a Boddhisatva, you will recieve the blessings of a Boddhisatva ** If you see your Guru as a friend, you will only receive the blessings of a friend **

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Bardo Teachings Part 8

Bardo Teachings Part 8
The Four Frightening Sounds from the Nature of the Four Winds


At that time in the bardo, the four frightening sounds of the four winds will arise:
From the earth wind, there is the sound of a collapsing mountain.
From the water wind, there is the sound of the turbulent ocean.
From the fire wind, there is the sound of a forest fire.
From the wind wind, there is a sound like the great wind of the end times.
The bardo being will seek refuge due to these great frightening sounds,
which are like a magical display.
At that time, due to non-virtuous actions done in previous lives,
immense images will appear
that shove, press, and beat down the bardo being,
and due to the merit they have accumulated,
appearances in accord with the dharma will come to offer protection and guidance.
The Three Mental Appearances
The three appearances and three poisons will arise in the mind
and the bardo being will feel as though
they are about to fall into the three great abysses
of the three colors—white, red, and black—
and many frightening events will occur.
Due to anger, one will see a white abyss.
Due to attachment, one will see a red gorge.
Due to ignorance, one will see a black chasm.
These are the signs that one will be reborn
in the hell realm, hungry ghost realm, and animal realms, respectively.
They will be able to seek protection from even a small fragment
of a tsa tsa of the Buddha's body.
In the first week, they will have clear recollection
of their previous life's karmic imprints,
So it is very important to immediately perform the prayer ceremony
for the root of virtue for the deceased.
It is best to do this as quickly as possible.
The rituals, visualizations, and so forth
will delight the bardo being, they will wish to remain,
and their mind will become calm.
Otherwise, they will become disturbed and frightened,
and they will be forced to move on.
As stated in the Tantra that Grasps the Guru's Qualities,
"The four frightening sounds and three pitfalls will occur,
and flickering orbs will appear.
In the experience of a non-virtuous person,
confused appearances will arise that manifest as their enemies.
By way of the paths of the five lights,
they will be reborn in one of the realms of the six kinds of beings."
As stated in the Two Chaptered Hevajra Tantra,
"Death is just a thought.
For yogis, it bestows the celestial realm."
Second: How to Take the Dharmatā into the Path
o into the path, you must recognize the bardo.
It is difficult to recognize the various terrors of the bardo.
You should know the six signs that you are definitely in the bardo:
(1) The bardo body is miraculous due to past karma.
It is able to pass through mountains, etc., without being obstructed
and instantly arrive wherever you think about.
(2) The immaterial bardo body has no shadow and leaves no footprints.
(3) Due to lacking the white and red elements,
the sun, moon, and stars do not appear.
(4) Since the bardo body is a mental body, when you approach others,
they will not be able to see your form or hear your voice.
(5) Those with bardo bodies will be able to see one another,
and they mainly eat odors as their food.
(6) Due to your virtuous and non-virtuous karma nearly ripening,
you will see the god and demon who are born together with you
counting your virtuous and non-virtuous actions with pebbles.
If you see these six signs, then you should call to mind the practice of the bardo.