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The Practice of Four Yogas in Daily Life

When conjoined with the practice of unexcelled mantrayāna,

all conduct becomes meaningful.

Thus, those fortunate ones who make effort and wish for liberation 

should always practice the four yogas.

First, to practice the yoga of daily conduct,while continuously relying on mindfulness of yourself in the clear appearance of the deity, it is of the utmost importance to take care to engage

in the four kinds of daily conduct without any misdeeds.

All the Buddhas have stated that, 

by practicing in this manner, all your actions of the three doors—

all the motions of your body and verbal expressions—

will become forms of mudra and mantra. 

Second, as for how to rely on the yoga of eating,

you should eat by dedicating whatever you consume,

all forms of food and drink,

and in this way, whatever the yogi enjoys, 

will become meaningful without incurring any debt.

As you dedicate, you should enjoy the food and drink as blessings of nectar,

and visualizing yourself in the clear appearance of the yidam deity,

consume in the manner of making offerings to the deity, 

thereby accomplishing the two accumulations.

Third, as for how to engage in the yoga of sleeping,

the external world and all its inhabitant sentient beings 

having been gradually subsumed into a state of clear light,

sleep in a state of emptiness, devoid of fabrication.

According to the Mahāsiddha Ghaṇṭapāda, 

focus on the HUNG atop the sun disc at your heart center, 

and contemplate its gradual dissolution from the bottom to the top of the syllable,

that into the crescent moon, that into the thiglé, and that into the nāda.

Sleep in a state free from any focal object.

Fourth, as for the way to practice the yoga of waking,

according to Jñānapāda, when rising at dawn,

imagine that, roused by songs of the four goddesses,

you awaken from the sleep of ignorance.

Alternatively, contemplate awakening to the sounds 

of the music of the ḍāmaru and bell played by the Hero and Vajrayoginī.

In that way, with mindfulness of previous dedicatory prayers,

all illusion-like appearances in existence become stages of meditative concentration

from the perspective of this training.

Meditating in that manner, you should arise from sleep.

Composed by Gharwang Rinpoche on July 2, 2021