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Online Teachings & Oral Transmission through Zoom/FB on 22nd May 2021 by Gharwang Rinpoche

Dear Friends, below is the link and section of the text for 22nd May Saturday's online teaching.
I will also be giving the transmission (lung) of the text that I composed for this series of teaching. To receive the transmission you must attend the teaching live.
Zoom Link:
Date and Time:
Saturday 22nd of May
6pm IST India time, 8:30am EST USA
The way in which confusion dawns as wisdom will now be explained:
From beginningless time, your mind has remained in a state of luminosity.
Due to adventitious stains, there are manifold appearances.
Once those stains have been purified, there is nothing other than luminosity.
So long as you cling to the distinction between confusion and liberation,
confused phenomena will continue to arise.
But when you realize all to be of an equal taste,
you will definitely be liberated.
Therefore, although confusion and wisdom are without distinction,
grasping at superior and inferior is called confusion,
and once that grasping is dismantled, that is called the dawning of wisdom.
In summary, expelling saṃsāric concerns from your mind,
and cutting off attachment to this life is turning the mind to the dharma.
Practicing the union of the two collections
of merit and wisdom conjoined with bodhicitta,
is taking the dharma as the path.
Sustaining the natural flow of whatever arises
by way of the six senses and their appearing objects
is the path dispelling confusion.
The realization of all dualistic appearances as being primordially
in the nature of great wisdom
is called confusion dawning as wisdom.
By Zurmang Gharwang Rinpoche