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2020-03 Lingdum Chakrasamvara ceremony

“On the fifteenth day of the first Tibetan lunar month, all 62 deities of Chakrasamvara's mandala are practiced in the form of the performance of dances, which are a sign of joyful realization. This practice of Chakrasamvara is the main practice of the Zurmang tradition, and these pictures show how the altar is arranged.

The main torma is Chakrasamvara with Sangwa Yeshe, and on the top of the torma is a small torma representing the eight mahāsiddhas. The four tormas are for the four dakinis, then there are the four vases, and the set of eight are for the eight female gatekeepers.”


Lingdum Monastery in sikkim conducted the Chakrasamvara ceremony, which is part of the main practice of Zurmang Whispering lineage. In Zurmang Qinghai, 62 lamas performed the Chakrasamvara dance, which has 360 kinds. In order to complete all 360, the lamas have to begin the dance at 3am and continue until 6am the following day.

We are dedicating all the merits to eliminating the dangerous virus which is inflicting so much pain on countless individuals.

May the Awakened One bless everyone”.

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