H. E. 12th Zurmang Gharwang Rinpoche will be teaching on Daily Practices in Zurmang Tradition based on the manual called “A Condensed Practice of the Lama, Yidam and Dharmapala according to the Zurmang Kagyud Lineage as upheld by the highly realized one, Lodro Rinchen.”
One of the features of the Vajrayāna tradition is that it has many skillful methods. We can use these methods to transform our everyday ordinary activities such as waking, washing, and even sleeping into profound practices to help us progress along the path. Rinpoche will explain these practices so that we can start to incorporate them into our daily lives.
The core of this daily practice are the practices of the three roots: Lama, Yidam, and Dharmapala. Rinpoche will teach the Guru Yoga based on Mahasiddha Trung Mase, the deity practice based on Green Tara, and the protector practice based on four-armed Mahākāla. Rinpoche has kindly arranged the practices in a form that is condensed and straight to the point so that these powerful practices are accessible even to a person living a busy life.
Rinpoche will be teaching for four Sundays starting on 19th of November.
Time: 06:30 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
Zoom Meeting ID: 862 5703 6865
Password: 308007
The teachings are open to all students. No empowerment is necessary to attend the teachings. Rinpoche will be giving the reading transmission (lung) during the sessions.
***Please note Singapore Time is 7:30pm on Sunday 19th November 2023. Would be good to remember is for four Sundays with similar timing if you do not wish to miss the teachings. We will update if there's any changes to the schedule. Thank you***
You are most welcome to download the Practice Book from the website https://zurmangkagyud.org/index.php?view=article&id=1164:notice-short&catid=10