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Section 4:
His glorious deeds in Pal Tashi Zurmang Shedup Chokorling

His glorious deeds in Pal Tashi Zurmang Shedup Chokorling, the seat of Dhokham Karma Zurmang Kagyud.

In 1991, Rinpoche returned for the first time to Tashi Zurmang Shedup Lhunkyi Duppae Ling, the seat of the former Gharwang Rinpoche in Tibet. He was received with due respect and honor in a welcoming ceremony by Zurmang 11th Tenga Rinpoche and a huge retinue of monks bearing Buddhist banners, armorial flags and incense, playing melodious music with ritual musical instruments.

Once seated on the lion throne of the Zurmang Tayerma, he was offered ceremonial scarves by Tulkus, Khenpos and an estimated ten thousand devotees comprising both the lay and the ordained seeking blessings from him.

To those fortunate devotees of Zurmang Geru Yutok, they got the rare yet precious opportunity to seek the audience of Gharwang Rinpoche and various Tulkus like Tenzin Trulpay Ku, Tharchen Chokgyur Lingpa, Tulku Shaptang Rinpoche Tulku Kunsang Dorje Kunsan Rinpoche) and Tulku Drugpa (Drugpa Rinpoche) during their meeting.

H.E. preached to all with a voice so melodious that it resembles that of Tara with compassion and non-discrimination. The devotees who gathered there were immensely moved by his speech with a strong respect. Their dedicated hearts were infused with joy and pleasure to be able to get a rare and precious chance to see a great lama before their departure from this physical world.

Zurmang 11th Tenga Rinpoche, individual Lamas, Tulkus from other monasteries made extensive offerings for the enthronement symbolic of Mandala offerings.

Highly appreciating the auspicious and glorious occasion, the devotees including Lama Lor Kunsang made offerings to Gharwang Rinpoche to accumulate merits.

Rinpoche actively committed himself in building Ser Tu Kang Tsek Se and beautified the assembly hall (dukang) Dak Yar Pa with spectacular decoration of animals of chase. He was so generous and kind that he rewarded all those involved with the construction of the monastery with presents in accordance with the extent of their contribution to the project.

Gharwang Rinpoche paid a glorious visit to Gandan Thupten Nyalig as invited and returned the offerings he received back to the devotees without slightest pang of attachment. This was the first time such an event ever took place.

Apart from that, Rinpoche made extensive spiritual tours visiting Zurmang Dudtsi Thil, Jakhi Gon, Dogon Phuntsok Ling, Tharthon Gon, Kyarong Gon and Palmea Gon respectively, donating different amounts of money respectively.

With unflinching sincere commitment in the efforts of promoting the precious doctrine of Lord Buddha he provided salaries to those three Dupkang retreat center, of upper and lower shrine of protector for seven years with generosity and ever since then he had paid series of visits there.

Among the numerous visits he had made there, the second visit was in conformity with death anniversary of Zurmang 11th Tenga Rinpoche in 1993 bearing purest motivation to relieve the grief of devotees and the mother of Tenga Rinpoche, who had departed the world in 1992 owing to the exhaustion of the merit of the devotees.

With boundless affection and infinite compassion for the living and welfare of the monks who came to both the upper and lower monasteries from various places with pure purpose of spiritual pursuit, Gharwang Rinpoche gave 300 Yuans to each of them as a warm gesture of encouragement to retain their soaring spiritual commitment forever.

He also donated more than 100000 Yuans to two groups of Zurmang Yu Dok. With deepest sympathy towards the mother and sons of late Tenga Rinpoche over his physical departure, he bestowed presents upon them symbolizing his solidarity.

His third visit there was during the ceremonial enthronement of the reincarnation of Tenga Rinpoche in 1996. Rinpoche’s benevolent deeds in Tibet were met with great success and later he returned to Sikkim, India.

Marked by a character of unshakable determination and altruism in both previous lives and the present, Rinpoche has made unsurpassed efforts to propagate and preserve Buddhism. He has compassionately been running and providing all required facilities for two monastic institutions of the Zurmang tradition, one in Tibet and another in Sikkim, India.