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Section 2:
Active roles played by a series of great reincarnations

A history of the active roles played by a series of great reincarnations to preserve and promote the doctrine of the monastery. Prosperous up till now, the great Lamas of Pal Tashi Zurmang Shedup Ling, a branch of Dupgyud Karma Kamtsang, are Gharwang Rinpoche, Tenga Rinpoche and Trungpa Rinpoche whose fame and reputation spread to every corner of the world like the beaming rays of an illuminating moon.

They together with actively committed realized masters, great teachers, students, Sangha community and devout leaders governed their subjects justly, thus were able to contribute tremendously to the propagation and preservation of Buddhism. However due to turbulence, it suffered declination like many other Buddhist sects in Tibet. It was rehabilitated better than it was before under the combined efforts of those Khenpo, monks, devotees and many other people during the time when the restoration of Buddhism was taking place.

Now, the main focus to be mentioned here is about the great deeds of the Eleventh Zurmang Gharwang in the field of construction of numerous spiritually oriented buildings and rooms. Shouldering the heavy responsibility of propagating Buddhism, he built the Zurmang Tayarma, filling it with precious statues of Buddhas and deities and further reconstructed the shrine of protectors Dupung Zil Nyon.

To preserve and promote Buddhism, he built a Monastic Institute and a Dupda(Retreat Centre), to accomodate the increased Sangha community. The sacred Zurmang ritual dance and many other ceremonies and acts of offerings were also improved. He worked tiredlessly and painstakingly towards the successful preservation of the doctrine.