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2011-05 ** Vesak

Photo Gallery Uploaded - 23-May 2011



Dear Friends of Zurmang

Vesak Day is on the 17th of May. To celebrate Lord Shakyamuni Buddha's birth, enlightenment  & paranirvarna, we are planning for a full day programme on this auspicious day.

We are kicking off early with a Ceremony to observe 8 Mahayana Precepts @ 6.30am followed by reciting the 4-arm Chenrezig-Precepts Prayers throughout the day. As we have mentioned before, during Khenpo's visit last November, the precepts would have to be observed for 24 hours starting from sunrise. Therefore, you will be accumulating merits every second from the minute you take the precepts till the next sunrise! Rejoice!

Vesak Day Schedule

6.30am  - Eight Mahayana Precepts Ceremony (八关斋戒)
8.00am - Breakfast (早餐)
9.00am - Recitation of 4-arm Chenrezig Precepts Prayers (四臂观音诵)

12.00pm - Lunch (午餐)
2.00pm - Recitation of Chenrezig Prayers (四臂观音诵)
4.00pm - Recitation of Mahakala Protector Prayers (护法诵)
- Offering of lamp or flowers @ $5 each (贡花 / 贡灯)

Attachement (PDF) -