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2009-00 ** Vesak Celebration

Vesak Day Celebration at ZKBC, 301 Guillemard Road.

In the Tibetan Tradition of Buddhism, Vesak Day is one of the Four Great Dharmacakra Days during which all merits of virtuous actions are multiplied a million times. Similarly, on these days, any negativities arising out of non-virtuous actions are multiplied a million times. Dharma brothers and sisters and friends of ZKBC, we therefore encourage you to participate in taking the eight precepts and make lamp offerings.

$5 for individual
$10 for family
$20 for company

Taking of the 8 Precepts: 6.30 am sharp

Amitabha Puja: 10am to 6pm
lunch break: 12 to 2pm (free vegetarian lunch will be served)

People taking the 8 Precepts need to observe the following for 24 hours. This is known as the "Eight-Fold precepts of lay ordination.
1. no killing
2. no stealing
3. no sexual misconduct
4. no lying
5. no intoxication
6. not using high or luxurious seat or bed (not higher than 12 inches from floor)
7. no taking food at inappropriate times, can drink plain water (after 12pm)
8. no indulging in songs, dances, music and entertainment as well as the use of ornaments, perfumes and cosmetics.

In order to take rebirth in the Amitabha Pureland, we must be able to fulfill the following three conditions:
1. Faith--must believe that this Pureland does exist. And must also develop bodhicitta to merit this superior rebirth.
2. Vow--must strongly wish to be reborn in this Pureland to benefit all sentient beings
3. Practice--must diligently recite the Amitabha Mantra.

Additionally, Buddha also mentioned that to be reborn in Amitabha Pureland, one must cultivate the following virtues:
1. Be filial to one’s parents, respect our teachers and elders, develop a kind heart and abstain from killing.
2. Must take refuge in the Triple Gems.
3. Must resolve to become enlightened.

Enquiries: 67440198/90296287/83733188


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