** If you see your Guru as a Buddha, you will recieve the blessings of a Buddha ** If you see your Guru as a Boddhisatva, you will recieve the blessings of a Boddhisatva ** If you see your Guru as a friend, you will only receive the blessings of a friend **

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2011-05 Vesak

Vesak Day Celebration


2011-05 Vesak



2009-05 Vesak



2006-05 Vesak



2005-May Vesak





2011-02 Chinese New Year

2011-02 Chinese New Year

2011-May Amitabha (IF-PDF)

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2011-01 New Year & Tara

2011-01  New Year

2011-01 Tara

2011-05 Ngongro

Thank you so much for your participation of our Amitabha Pureland Grand Puja last weekend. It has been a tremendous success and it wouldn't be so if not for all of you. Thank you again all volunteers and patrons


Amitabha Pureland Grand Puja
May 27 to 29 2011


Amitabha Pureland Grand Puja


Photo Gallery - Amitabha Pureland Grand Puja
May 27 to 29 2011

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Gharwang Rinpoche's teachings on 31 May & 1 June at Ngee Ann Cultural Centre were presented in a very lively and engaging manner for all the participants who were present and we have posted some of the pictures here for your viewing. We hope all of you have benefitted more or less from the recent programs and we certainly look forward to your future participations and support again.

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2011-07 ** ZKBC-July Programs (Notice)


Zurmang Kagyud - Singapore Centre's actitvites for July

Hello friends
We have made some amendments to July's Program to include Chenresig Prayer on 19 July ("观音诞“)and Smoke Offering on 10 July after Guru Rinpoche Puja.
Kindly take note of the changes.
Thank you.


2011-01 ** Gharwang Rinpoche coming for the New Year! (Rev)

Photo Gallery
Lunch gathering with Gharwang Rinpoche on lst Jan 2011 Year 2011 started off Auspiciously with a happily relaxed lunch gathering with Gharwang Rinpoche. We were totally energised by blessings flowing from Rinpoche who was requested to give the Oral Transmission for 21 Taras. Rejoice!
2011_01-21 Tara Practice with RP Two blissful days to begin the Auspicious New Year 2011 with the presence of Gharwang Rinpoche in Singapore Centre--with lunch gathering on lst day followed by 21 Tara Oral Transmission on the first as well as second day when we recited the prayers together.

Tashi delek!
 will be arriving on Dec 31st  and leaving for KL on 3rdJanuary 2011.
Everyone is welcome to visit Rinpoche at ZKBC to receive blessings for the New Year!

On lst Jan (Sat): Visiting Hrs: 9.30am to 9.30pm (Break 12nn to 2pm)
On 2nd Jan (Sun): Rinpoche will be giving the Oral Transmission for 21 Tara Practices which is held weekly in ZKBC centre between 3pm to 5pm. 

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2011-05 ** Gharwang Rinpoche's departure from Singapore


Gharwang Rinpoche will be leaving Singapore on 2nd June Thursday by SQ 870 @ 7pm Terminal 3. If you wish to see Rinpoche off at the airport, it is advisable to be there by 4.30pm.
Thank you and hope to see you this Tues evening  at 7.30pm and Wednesday morning at 9.30am at Ngee Ann Cultural Centre, Cultural Room. 

2011-02 ** CNY Program at ZKBC (Notice)


Gong Xi Fa Cai! 

ZKBC wishes you and your family a great year with lots of joy & wealth hopping into your life!  Joy & wealth need both wisdom and merits, we believe the following prayers will help in the accumulation of both, so please join us!

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