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Vajra Recitation

Vajra Recitation

As for taking the inner winds into the path using the practice of the vajra recitation of the three syllables:

as soon as you rise in the morning,

in order to clear the residue of mental afflictions during your sleep,

sit in the seven-fold position of Vairocana if you are able,

and engage in the practice of expelling the stale air three times.

Then, first, when you exhale, 

expel your breath with the sound of HUM.

And while your breath is held out,

focus without distraction on the sound of AH. 

Next, as you inhale, 

concentrate on the sound of OM.

Counting the exhale, breath suspension, and inhale together as one, 

it is best to practice this one hundred times,

medium twenty-one, 

and at the very least no fewer than seven is good.

Aspire to focus on the inner winds in this way all day.

At night before bed, when you exhale, suspend the breath, and inhale,

focus on the three syllables, counting at least twenty-one times.

Likewise, focus on your breathing in this manner at night as you fall asleep.

By practicing in this way continually, day and night, 

the 21,600 cycles of your breath and inner winds

will all without difficulty transform into the nature of this three-syllable mantra.

When that happens, then the recitations for the entire host 

of tantric deities will simultaneously be accomplished.

By Zurmang Gharwang Rinpoche, November 30, 2020