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How to live meaningfully in the nature of impermanence

Impermanence is very much embedded in every part of our lives.

There is nothing to which the law of impermanence does not apply and the knowledge of impermanence is an essential component of a meaningful life. Unfortunately due to the fast pace of most people's lives, they have very little time to deeply observe how impermanence works. And, although it can be difficult to bring the idea of impermanence into your everyday life, so much benefit would arise if in every step we took we did so with the understanding of the nature of impermanence. 

Let me use the example of a flower to describe how we can see impermanence at work in the world around us. Before there is a beautiful flower there is a seed. The seed when planted with the right conditions develops into a shoot, it grows taller, develops leaves, and then a beautiful flower grows. This flower then slowly starts to change in many ways including its color and shape. The flower then begins to wilt and eventually all the leaves fall from the plant. Like the flower, the plant eventually comes to an end. In this way, we can visualize the lifespan of the flower from beginning to end and see the work of impermanence at every stage. 

In this way, our life is no different from the flower's life. Change is ever present. No matter how hard we might try we can never stop the momentum of impermanence.  So, instead of fighting impermanence which is the nature of your existence, you should develop an understanding of its workings. Then it is with this understanding that you will reduce your attachment to I and my, and actually, this then will become the cause for ending the suffering in your life. This understanding of impermanence can become a companion for you during even your most difficult times, for example when we lose something precious or even when a loved one passes. Whatever comes together we understand must also part. This is the way of this world. It is for these reasons that Buddhism places so much emphasis on developing an understanding of impermenance. Without this knowledge, we become like a person going about their day trying to recover something they lost in a dream. This illustrates the impossibility of the mundane search for happiness. With an understanding of impermanence, we can live life realistically and have a meaningful life, and be of benefit to others.