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Sleeping with Worse Enemy of All-by Gharwang Rinpoche

Sleeping with Worse Enemy of All

by Zurmang Gharwang on Monday, April 18, 2011 at 7:48am

One of the main problems we all are facing is that we never notice even our worse enemy,who is living, dictating, inflicting pain and making good use of us. Yet we willingly accommodate all these enemies, until we are totally destroyed. Who are those enemies?

They are: anger, attachment and ignorance. When these poisons are with us, initially, we never feel that we are threatened. For instance, when we are angry at someone, anger facilitates us to get angrier and at the end of the day, you are totally overpowered by anger. Logically speaking, we should be angry at anger itself, not the person. Nobody wants to get angry, yet anger forces us to get angry with each other. The same logical reason applies to all others. Therefore, we need to use wisdom and right senses to eradicate all these poisons. It will be wise for us to be aware of all these uninvited guests who are residing with us, yet slowly but steadily taking away our happiness and adding more miseries. In addition, we should cultivate the two most powerful tools: mindfulness and awareness to recognize those culprits and eradicate them totally.

We have to be a very efficient spy to make sure that those poisons never take root in our heart! Poisons never belong to us and we should never be controlled by those poisons. Be happy and be good in your heart!

With love