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Gharwang Rinpoche’s New Year message for 2021

The New Year has arrived once again, and I wish you all a happy,

healthy, safe, and prosperous 2021! 

It is true that for many people, the celebration of the New Year has become just a routine practice. However, I personally feel that it is a precious opportunity for reflection, practicing forgiveness, and reconciling with one another for any mistakes and selfish acts throughout the past year. Such an approach to the New Year will give purpose to our lives and invite a fresh start.

With each New Year we are left with sweet or bitter memories of each passing year, which is like a dream. Similarly, our entire life is also like a dream, so we have to be brave enough to let go of our bad habits and negative emotions. Because holding on to harmful attitudes will only bring pain to both ourselves and others.

Although we may not succeed instantaneously in letting go of destructive habits and emotions, if we persist with our efforts and keep trying, nothing is impossible. If we practice maintaining a positive outlook on everything that we do in our lives, this will guarantee us a meaningful future.