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How to strengthen family relationship

As human beings, we all look alike,

yet we all have different ideas and thoughts as a result of our varied backgrounds, cultures, and traditions. Given this situation, it would be simplistic to expect that we all share the same values and beliefs, and it is best to respect the opinions and value systems of others. 

Increasingly today, many families are feeling stretched due to the demands of their professions. Today, it is quite common for both parents in a household to be working outside the home. This has created a new and different environment for families. Of course, it is a wonderful reflection of progress in society that professional opportunities are more widely available. 

However, the demands of balancing work life and family life can create a challenging situation, and when everyone is feeling overwhelmed, there may seem to be little space for compromise or concessions when the time comes to resolve issues in family matters. In such challenging situations, each family member has to go the extra mile to foster healthy and harmonious relationships. 

It is important to prioritize the family as a whole and not to think only about one's individual interests. Still, it is important that everyone has their own space and the opportunity for self-care. This will help avoid conflict, which is in everyone's best interest. Moreover, having respect for one another is essential for maintaining fragile relationships between family members. It is important not to assume that what we are thinking is what others are actually doing. Many times, we create unnecessary problems and suffering due to the tendency of constructing stories in our mind about our loved ones and believing in these stories. Such habits are not just unhealthy, but are very destructive for everyone. 

Importantly, we must not give into suspicion, egoism, and stubbornness, which undermine our friendships and relationships. We should be brave enough to be understanding, forgiving, and sincere, which will strengthen our relationships. Of course, it is always easier said than done. But patience, mutual respect, concern, and honesty will help support healthy and meaningful family relationships.