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Written by Gharwang Rinpoche on 21st Oct 2020

Do not recollect—transcend the objects of attachment which are responsible for the concepts of subject and object.

Transcend the practice of yoga, without relying on analysis.

Thus, you should naturally abide in the present nature of the luminosity of the mind without wandering or fabricating.

If one's practice of adopting and discarding is unstable, one will fall under the power of conditions, like a pond stirred up by the wind.

Thus, remain in the natural state and give up fabrication.

Do not imagine: rest the present mind itself without fabrication.

Do not think—you should set aside anticipating the future.

By renouncing and accepting, you will not penetrate the depths of meditative equipoise.

In the state of sustaining the actual practice of yoga , the power of conceptual thoughts will lose any occasion for taking hold.

Do not meditate—otherwise you will fall into the extreme of an incorrect understanding of emptiness.

Initialy believing things to exist and subsequently that they do not,
and you will therefore not properly realize the true nature.

Thus, rest naturally on appearances and meet with the dharmatā.

Do not analyze—do not focus, but rest in the natural state just as it is.

If one analyzes, no matter how good it may be, one will still simply remain in the realm of characteristics.

Due to the thoughts of good and bad, one will not meet with the face of dharmatā.

Thus, without wavering or falling into fabrication,

By resting naturally, one will nakedly realize dharmatā.

Wishing for excellence or wishing your practice to be good is the cause for losing the natural state.

Thus, see the nature directly, which is utterly clear presence,
which transcends the intellect, and which is self-aware and self-luminous.

Written by Zurmang Gharwang Rinpoche on October 21, 2020