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Learning to forgive and forget

Learning to forgive and forget

Life’s experiences, especially the difficult ones, can teach us so much. One thing we need to learn from difficult experiences is to be brave enough to forgive others for their hurtful actions. Our own experience tells us that holding grievances never gives us comfort, but simply prolongs our pain. If we think rationally about the situation, then it makes sense that we should forgive others not only for their peace of mind, even for our own comfort. So, in order to resolve difficult and painful situations, and in the interest of everyone involved, we should learn how to let go of the past and concentrate on the present circumstances. Instead of being upset about past events, we should recognize that stubborn unwillingness to accept what has happened and move on will only prolong our pain. Although letting go of past grievances might seem difficult at first, holding onto anger will only make things worse. Therefore, whenever we meet with the opportunity to improve our quality of life through forgiveness, we should do so without any hesitation. If we hesitate now and continue to hold grudges, there is no guarantee that we will have the time in the future to heal ourselves and others from past painful events. Thus, making the venture towards meaningful reconciliation is one of the most important things we can do in this journey of life.