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Not entertaining negative emotions

Not entertaining negative emotions

We all tend to overlook instances when destructive emotions have guided our reactions in life, but we should never allow even the slightest negative emotion to pass unnoticed, since these poisons only function to bring pain to ourselves and others, and the more we ignore them, the stronger they will grow. Everyone complains that they find it difficult to deal with anger, and I do not blame others for the ill-effects of destructive emotions of this kind. But we must learn how to skillfully manage all negative emotions like anger, hatred, jealousy, attachment, etc., by not allowing them to overpower us. There are many ways to deal with difficult circumstances, and the following methods might assist us. It is difficult to notice the first moment that a negative emotion arises, because they can sometimes begin very subtly. Moreover, once emotions take root inside us, overcoming those emotions can be very challenging. And once we are under the control of such emotions, it is extremely difficult to give them up completely. Thus, we must employ antidotes to these destructive emotions immediately. The moment that we notice any form of destructive emotion arising within us, we should recognize them for what they are and apply the appropriate antidote to prevent them from taking root or growing in strength. Moreover, we should remain vigilant to prevent their arising in the future. Such an approach will help us overcome the ill-effects of negative emotions.