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Living in the present

Living in the present

People tend to spend a lot of time either revisiting their past or worrying about the future. Most of this time spent thinking about the past and the future is unnecessary. This type of thinking does not guarantee us happiness. The past has gone, so ruminating about the past is like fishing from an empty riverbed. It is meaningless and a waste of your precious time. And the future is yet to arise. It is unformed like a void, so spending your time imagining about the future is like painting the face of an unborn child. As many yogis have said, the present life is the result of your past deeds and your future will be shaped by your actions in this present moment. So, if you want to assess the past, simply look at your present situation, and if you are truly concerned about your future, then you should focus on your present actions. We should live properly in this present moment, and in order to assist in our journey, two of the most effective tools are mindfulness and awareness. These tools will help ensure that you do not wander away from a meaningful path.