** If you see your Guru as a Buddha, you will recieve the blessings of a Buddha ** If you see your Guru as a Boddhisatva, you will recieve the blessings of a Boddhisatva ** If you see your Guru as a friend, you will only receive the blessings of a friend **

Leading a meaningful and rational life

Prioritizing what is most beneficial

Life is not about acquiring wealth, fame, or power. There are many people who have it all, but are still discontented, dissatisfied, and unhappy. So, we might ask ourselves, what is the purpose of our life? Of course, different people have different beliefs and priorities. It is true that without sufficient material resources, we may face difficulties in our journey in the short term. For instance, if we do not have enough money, we might not be able to support ourselves and our loved ones. But no matter how much money we have, it can never fulfill our ultimate aims. If we are seeking a meaningful life, then accumulating wealth and acquiring power are, at most, merely assisting conditions that might help us to achieve more important goals that can bring lasting benefit to oneself and others. Our life is precious, but we don’t know how much time we have. Thus, as a forward-looking person, we should wisely consider what is beneficial and cultivate happiness for ourselves and others by leading a meaningful and purposeful life