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Mindfulness & Awareness-by Gharwang Rinpoche


by Zurmang Gharwang on Monday, April 4, 2011 at 7:24am


Mind is the most powerful tool to bring happiness or inflict endless pain in our life. For many ages, all walks of life try to find so call happiness and calmness, yet many of them end up with more thoughts of dissatisfaction, anger, hope, worry and others rule our life . Sometimes mind is also known as a wild monkey, because mind never rest even when our body is totally lying flat.

For instance, we may lock ourselves in a small room and we may have thousands of people guarding all around, still our mind can escape without anybody knowing. Furthermore, our speech and body are totally controlled by our mind and if I am correct, our mind acts nothing less than a leader. Once we lose the control of our mind than All the problems begin to arise and never ends. There are many ways to lessen our emotions and achieve calmness. Mindfulness and awareness facilitate our mind to be calmer and fully present. The function of these two tolls are: first, mindfulness reminds us what we have done previously or a long time ago and keep reminding us what kinds of act we are involved earlier could be either negative or positive. If it is negative, then reminds us to be careful and restrict our actions. Even if it is positive such as act of generosity if is more harmful than beneficial, then we must restrict our actions. For instance, if you are generous in giving money to buy guns to hurt others, then it is wrong. We must be wise to know how to help someone. What this really means is that even giving must always be followed by mindfulness. Second, awareness always guide us in many ways when we are acting. For example, whatever we are doing, awareness always keep watch on us and filter our thoughts so that no poisons will be involved in our acts. Awareness is super spy which keeps tract of our actions. In addition, we should always encourage Mindfulness and Awareness to be part of our family and this will help us to reduce our emotions and particularly our faults. Therefore, we should let Mindfulness and Awareness take the lead in our life and our life will be full of joy!

My dear friends, this note is from my heart for you to share with all.

May you be always happy and prosperous!

                                                  From your true friend Zurmang Gharwang

                                                                       with love!!!