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What Practice Means-by Gharwang Rinpoche

What Practice Means

by Zurmang Gharwang on Saturday, April 2, 2011 at 1:48am

Let me repeat the most favourite word of many gurus, "practice, practice, practice!” Is that all gurus care about from us or is it rather important?


Let me speak the truth, there is no one on earth who does not want to be happy and be accomplished, yet many of us, end of with layers of failures in our life. Success  depends on how we make good use of every situation and we have to be opportunistic to grab that very moment and use all our short comings to our advantages. For instance, if I am sad, I can’t afford to just sit and cry, it doesn’t mean that all other short falls will come to you! In fact failure can be appreciated in its own place. Failure is our guru; it teaches us how to be better and gives us vast space for improvement. Furthermore, with a little success if you are drunk than the result that you get is bad to worse. Our life is a Temple and if we are able to bring the teachings of Buddha and apply wisely in our daily life, that is the best way to practice. Therefore, we don’t have to go somewhere to prove ourselves. Honestly, if you know what we do every day is the part of the practice and we are moving Temple. Do you think that our teachers want us just to recite mantras or close ourselves in dark and crammed cave and come out with a long hair funky looking creature. The answer is simple, what really makes us successful as a practitioner is how you are able to deal with every situation in our life more gracefully, rather than acting like a little child who is lost in New York City . Finally, what I strongly believe that from morning till we go to bed what we all do should be a part of our practice and we should never differentiate between what we learn from Buddha’s teachings and what we do in everyday life! Frankly speaking, just drinking a cup of coffee could be your morning prayer!

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