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The meaning of Renunciation

The Meaning of Renunciation

Generally, we are only able to give rise to renunciation of the cyclic existence of the three realms after we stop taking pleasure in samsaric things. For example, after someone has finished eating their fill of food, they will no longer wish to eat, and someone who is sick with nausea will take no pleasure in food. Similarly, a person who is about to be executed will take no interest in food or clothing. Accordingly only when one stops taking interest in samsaric matters one will be able to give rise to renunciation. 

What are the indications that one has given rise to renunciation? As stated by the earlier Kagyu masters, "Wear the frost as your shoes and the stars as your hat, and know this cyclic existence to be in the nature of the three sufferings, like a pit of fire, a nest of poisonous snakes, or an abode of demons." Have no attachment to the pleasures of samsara, and, without simply paying lip service, give rise to the thought, "How I wish I could become liberated from cyclic existence!" Harbor no attachment or hatred toward friends or enemies. Even if your enemies use your own food, clothing, etc., do not become angry, and even if your close relatives use up your resources, have no attachment.

In short, even at the cost of your life, do not allow yourself to fall under the influence of the three poisonous mental afflictions, but act as the earlier siddhas have acted. Know this cyclic existence to be in the nature of suffering. Have no taste for the eight worldly dharmas. Definitely be without desire or grasping. It is not by merely living nakedly, dying of starvation, or staying in the forest that one is able to reject cyclic existence. It is not as though one would be unable to develop renunciation while living in the middle of town, but could only do so when staying in the wilderness. Why is that? Because the development of renunciation depends solely on the individual.