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Gharwang Rinpoche would like to say a few words for this New Year....and

I would like to say a few words for this New Year. We share our greetings with each other year after year.

This has been the practice, and to a certain extent we participate unreflectively. In my opinion, the New Year is the moment when we should reflect on our shortcomings and aim to improve ourselves in order to make our lives more meaningful. Moreover, we should take care to ensure that whatever we do, we are not causing any harm, but are contributing to peace and tranquility in our lives and the lives of others.On this special occasion, I would like to wish you all a very happy, healthy, and prosperous new year.


Success requires patience, hard work, and a positive attitude toward whatever difficulties we may face in our daily lives. We cannot expect everything to go according to what we may hope or wish. Moreover, everyday is a new day. Therefore, we should accept whatever comes our way with an optimistic approach. Although we may not be able to resolve all challenges upfront, maintaining a positive attitude will at least lighten any uneasiness in our hearts. There is a saying: prevention is better than cure.


When we begin our undertakings with unrealistic goals, then it is quite natural to prepare ourselves to face failure in the near future. Our own experience tells us that life is not simple, but complicated. So, in such an environment, in order to avoid all forms of downfalls, we have to be more realistic in our approach, or else we will end up acting like this monkey, trying to catch the moon in the lake.


Initially, many may find difficulties in sharing love and care with others, but for someone who know the true meaning of love and care, it just comes naturally. So, we must try in order to feel the meaning of love and care.


We cannot always wish for opportunities to come our way, but rather we should take the opportunity to create every moment in our lives as something meaningful. If we wish for something better to come, then we might have to wait longer than expected.
Therefore, making the most of wherever we are may be the right approach.

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Many times, mistakes are made when we are not mindful or careful enough. The easiest way to avoid unnecessary negative consequences of our actions is to always remain alert and mindful, no matter what we are doing.


We can't expect everyone to do good things, however, everybody must at least try to live harmoniously with each other.