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The Right Attitude-by Gharwang Rinpoche

The Right Attitude

by Zurmang Gharwang on Thursday, March 24, 2011 at 8:20am

We are all living in rapidly changing environment and sometimes one may say in a violent world. Unfortunately, we are all soak into such an emotional world and the time is not always a luxury to many of us. We all grow up with a mixture of anger, jealousy, attachment, dissatisfaction, disappointment and so forth. Those emotions have almost become part of our life and yet surprising we are less bothered .To free ourselves from spider’s net of emotions,

one can only look up to the meaningful advices of our teachers and the practice of right attitude. It is not about how many mantras that you recite every day or how long you meditate. It is all about how are you able to bring your wisdom and knowledge that you have acquired through listening, contemplation and practices into our daily life. Many times, we wonder, why I have practiced for so long and my life seems to be getting from bad to worse. It is not because teachings of Buddha are less effective or we lack proper guidance. Or our teachers are not powerful enough to protect us. The answer is simple: we are not following the right way. What we have learnt from the teachings, we simply leave everything in our note books. So, once we leave the place, we forget everything. That is the problem we have to overcome. We may have just a minute to recite one mantra, if you do it the right way, it is more effective than reciting million times without any purpose, focus or concentration. Such way of practice will not bring any wishful results. What this also means is that simple way of thinking does make a big difference. For instance, when you are drinking a cup of coffee, one can simply think about others:  "may my enjoyment of drinking this cup of coffee satisfy others who do not have a chance to enjoy" . Furthermore, one may visualize that when I get stronger after satisfying my thirst I will help others whichever way that I can. What is important is that it is not about how much we practice, but how we practice. What makes a different here is how we think rather than how much or how long we have practiced. Therefore, whatever we do, if we do it for all of us that is what really matters. I may be wrong in what I have written in order to enlighten others, you too have to participate to make things better for all of us!

With best regards and love.

                                         From wonderer Zurmang Gharwang