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Random Wisdom Thoughts from Gharwang Rinpoche

In every part of our life, challenges or opportunities come and go.

A wise and knowledgeable person knows when to take advantage of these opportunities and how to overcome challenges. Therefore, in my opinion, one always has to be alert and well prepared to face such situations because challenges keep popping up. Safeguarding one's interest in this way is in the interest of all

As a Buddhist, I have learned from Buddha's advice to respect both parents and particularly one’s mother. Our mothers go through so many difficulties from the day we are conceived, and their care and love never end. And the Buddha clearly stated that everyone has the potential to become enlightened regardless of their gender. Therefore, on this special occasion, I would like to wish all mothers, sisters, and daughters and all others, "Happy International Women’s Day!"

As the Buddha rightly said, "Nothing remains unchanged." Yesterday we had such bad weather in Sikkim, but today is one of the most beautiful days we have had. Therefore, do not hold onto grievances or happiness, because everything is subject to changes.

Many of us hope for unrealistic goals, which only lead to distress and a feeling of hopelessness. There is nothing wrong with dreaming of something meaningful, however, our goals should not be a source of temporal and long term pain. Therefore, in my opinion, we should work hard to accomplish our dreams, and most importantly, we should prepare to be content with any outcome.