** If you see your Guru as a Buddha, you will recieve the blessings of a Buddha ** If you see your Guru as a Boddhisatva, you will recieve the blessings of a Boddhisatva ** If you see your Guru as a friend, you will only receive the blessings of a friend **

Collection of Whispers from His Eminence 12th Zurmang Gharwang Rinpoche

In everyday life, our assumptions could represent just one aspect of the whole situation. Thus, when we make decisions based on such understandings, the outcome may only be dissatisfactory and sorrowful.

Moreover, we tend to make these kinds of mistakes again and again. Therefore, before coming to any conclusion, we have to study the situation deeply, since what seems right from only one perspective may result in destructive actions from another perspective.

Our paths are not always clear, and so due to negligence and absence of mindfulness, we might follow wrong ways. It is impossible to correct the past, but surely we can make our future actions right and meaningful. In my opinion, living in the past is not purposeful, however, living in the present will help us to build a better and brighter future.

Today in the age of technology, we want the results of our practice in a short time. Such expectations are unwise and unhelpful because they discourage us from achieving our goals and only lead to disappointment. Thus, we have to be patient and practical in order to accomplish our goals.

Sometimes we tend to lose faith in our beliefs simply because our prayers are not answered. And we may even be prepared to convert when our needs seem to be fulfilled by another faith. In such cases, we can say that we are sitting on the fence, which means that we are not genuine believers. It is important to understand that many things have to come together in order to achieve any desired outcome. We cannot simply pray or wish, but we must also follow the advices wholeheartedly because this is where our success lies. Thus, it is not only about whom we pray to, but how we follow and practice. In my opinion, our own efforts and belief from the heart are also very essential.

Success is not always easy or achievable in our lives because we might have to fail first and succeed later. If we are unable to handle failure, then success might be harder to keep. Therefore, in my opinion, if we accept whichever comes first with positivity, then we may not find success to be so difficult in the long run.

Everything changes every second, yet we hardly seem to notice, because sometimes these changes are very subtle. For example, these pictures may look the same, however, they were taken at least ten years apart. Therefore, impermanence is never far away. Thus, we should make sure that we are not caught off guard.

The key to success in meditation does not concern how long one is able to sit and practice, but is simply how one is skillfully able to keep one's wild monkey mind calm yet totally focused. Therefore, in my understanding, one has to be thoroughly present without allowing one's negative emotions to disturb one's mental concentration.

According to general Buddhist teachings, we are each born different because of our actions in the past. If we try to be someone different from who we are, then we are simply deceiving ourselves for the sake of wealth, power, or fame.

As long as we are open-minded, in my opinion, we can make progress in creating a more beautiful life, because change only seems to take place when we are receptive to wise advice. Therefore, we cannot afford to remain stubburn when it comes to our progress.

Happiness is not only about how much we have or how powerful we are, but it is simply being contented and humble .

There are always consequences to what we do in our lives. There are times when sharing all thoughts might make things better. However, there are other times when it is much wiser and beneficial to keep it within us, because we might make situations even worse. Therefore , saying everything is not necessarily good or meaningful.

We cannot undo our past actions, however if we commit ourselves to not repeating the same mistakes, then this approach is more meaningful and at least we might be successful in letting our grievances rest for good.

Many things that we do in our daily lives seem to be affected by human nature. However, we tend to forget that every part of our lives is utterly impermanent. Thus, it is better to be well aware of the nature of things, or else we will be deeply hurt and saddened. Therefore, in my opinion, being mindful about impermanence will make us feel relief and joyful.

Everyday is a new day, and it would be much wiser not to cling to yesterday's memories, because tomorrow could be more beautiful and pleasant. Thus, in my opinion, we should learn to live in the present and move on when it is necessary.

When we see the faults of others, it would be much wiser not to act immediately, because we might be seeing the reflection of what has been hiding within ourselves.

Our lives can be less meanigful if our emotions lead the way. Many times in our lives, we may face challenges, and during such situations, in my opinion, we need to think clearly and wisely about how to move forward, because if we act according to our jealousy, pride and anger, then we might only make things worse for ourselves. But if we let patience, wisdom and right effort lead the way, it will be a good opportunity to make our beautiful lives more meaningful.

Judging others based on their appearances can be deceiving. Therefore, in my opinion, one should think twice before passing judgments or making any comments about others, because such caution will save a lot of troubles.

We quite often ask ourselves, "Where have I have reached so far in terms practice?" The answer may not be straight-forward, however there are signs that tell us roughly where we are. For example, if our practice is not able to address our concerns and needs, then that is reflective of the way that we are approaching our practice. We must check our intentions to ensure that we are not engaging in practice out of self-interest.

There is a tradition in Buddhism, to renounce the world and dedicate one's life to practicing dharma for the sake of all beings. Thus, renunciation is not about running away from our responsibilities or encouraging us to lead a selfish lifestyle.

When we are not careful about our own actions, we cannot blame others for the consequences.

We should not be surprised because there will be someone who will be working behind us. Therefore, in my opinion, just be aware of such situations and move on with our daily lives.

Inequality is causing suffering and dangerous to societies. Therefore, in my opinion, it is always meaningful to share concern, love and respect for each other.

Our good deeds may be small, but we should not overlook because the benefits can be immeasurable.