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Recent Collection of Gharwang Rinpoche's Wisdom Thoughts

Whenever we are at the airport, the environment always reminds us that we are only here passing through for a brief moment

Similarly, in this life, we are also only here for a short layover, and the next destination is not far away. So, in my opinion, we should adjust our perspective and ensure that we do not destroy long term achievements for the sake of temporal gains.


In my opinion, it is always wise to look within before we criticize others, because what we see in others could simply be the reflection of what is deeply hidden inside our own hearts.


We cannot simply ask the Buddhas to make things right if we are not acting in the right ways. It is we, ourselves who have to follow the advice of the Buddhas in order to fulfill our own needs.


Throughout our lives, it is quite normal to change our habits and the places that we enjoy. Similarly, if we are able to move on from things that have caused us pain and despair without holding onto bad memories, this is the way forward to healing and success.


Meditation is not simply about controlling our minds, but about letting our minds be free from entanglement in the net of our negative emotions. Thus, meditation is a tool to bring freedom to our minds.