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What is the Best Way to Live?

As ordinary human beings, we strive to work hard throughout our lives, and we also may be encouraged by our families and societies as a whole to follow in the

footsteps of our forefathers. People normally tend to think that as long as we can gain wealth, status, and a good reputation, then all will be well. However, our own experience tells us a different story. Even though we may fail to acquire all these things, we can discover that there is still a beautiful and meaningful life to be found outside of this mindset. We all think differently, so what is important to us may not necessarily be essential to others. Therefore, we have to determine that what is meaningful for ourselves in this life now, because nobody can tell us how long we will live to enjoy our precious life. In sum, we should enjoy our lives without selfishness, and whatever comes to us, we should accept it wholeheartedly and be contented, and this is where the true meaning of life resides.


Honey is essential for the survival of bees, yet bees are never attached to the flowers that help them produce honey. Similarly, wealth and beauty are the treasures of humans, but we should not cling to such objects, because as time goes by, our pleasure might turn into suffering. Therefore, in my opinion, we have a lot to learn from our neighbors.