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Tame with Mindfulness & Awareness

Let me explain in simple terms how to tame the wild elephant that is our mind. Once we lose track of our wild mind, it may bring us tremendous pain.

Therefore, we cannot afford to let our mind run amok. The mind is like a wild elephant, so in order to tame it, we must take control of it with the hook of awareness, and using the rope of mindfulness, we must tie it to the pillar of concentration.

Meditation is simply a very effective tool to calm our restless minds. Meditation also means accustoming ourselves to a positive and meaningful lifestyle in this chaotic world, where our minds are polluted and poisoned by negative emotions. Meditation involves full concentration and total focus, not allowing ourselves to be disturbed by agitation and dullness.

In order to improve our meditation practice, we must rely on mindfulness and awareness as integral parts of concentration. What is the difference between mindfulness and awareness? While mindfulness helps the mind not to stray away from the main focus, awareness makes sure that our mind is fully present. Therefore, mindfulness and awareness both play an essential role in developing perfect concentration.