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Cultivating Positive Attitudes besides being Kind.

It is true that when our environments are not conducive to positive attitudes such as honesty, humility, loving-kindness, respect, and care towards others,

we may find it very hard to be a good and reasonable human being. However, we cannot just let these circumstances control us, because if we do, we will only end up with more pain in the future, and there will be no end to it. Thus, it is always wise to try our best to cultivate these noble qualities in our interactions others no matter how difficult it may be, because with such attitudes there is the great possibility for bringing the light of success and happiness to ourselves and others. Therefore, we should try our best and the rest is beyond our reach.


There is a famous code in Buddhism: “If your heart is kind and genuine, then whatever you do in your life will be pure and perfect. However, if your heart is selfish and polluted by other negative thoughts, then even when you engage in right actions, they will result in pain and suffering.” Therefore, it is not about what or how much we do, but purely about what resides in our hearts