** If you see your Guru as a Buddha, you will recieve the blessings of a Buddha ** If you see your Guru as a Boddhisatva, you will recieve the blessings of a Boddhisatva ** If you see your Guru as a friend, you will only receive the blessings of a friend **

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Respect and Do not Judge

Respect and love are things that we cannot buy anywhere, and will only come to us when we share them wisely with others. It is like the sound of an echo. First we have to shout—only then will we be able to hear the echo's sound. Therefore, before we can expect anything from others, we must first give others respect and love.


Different cultures from different societies somehow tend to separate individuals from one another. In my opinion, we cannot judge others before knowing where they come from, because something that may be considered rude in one particular culture may not necessarily be disrespectful in another culture. For instance, in Tibetan tradition, making noise while eating noodles is used to express that the noodles are delicious, however, in some western cultures this may be considered rude. Thus, judging others from our own perspective is not only unwise, but may also cause misunderstandings and wrong interpretations