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Emotions are very Powerful, Empower Yourself to Control Them!

It is true that when we are hurt by someone, it can be very hard to just forget about it and move on with our lives.

Reason being as ordinary people, we all have strong negative emotions which make it difficult to forgive and forget. However, it is very important to think deeply and ask ourselves how keeping hatred in our hearts could possibly be of any benefit to us. If we let these negative emotions remain with us, then they will destroy us from the inside out. Anger consumes all our energy, and instead of destroying our enemy, it will only bring pain and suffering to ourselves. We should find out the difference between those people who let negative emotions to be part of their lives and others who refuse to allow their lives to be controlled by all these destructive emotions. Even though we may think that we are losing by not acting against those who harm us, as time goes by we will find that when we do not harbor negative emotions, our lives are happier and less painful