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Greetings from Guru's heart..

The New Year is not actually something new since it occurs every year. However, we can still make each New Year special by committing ourselves to do

something that is meaningful for the benefit of both ourselves and others. We should also remember that as we come together to celebrate the New Year we are actually a year closer to parting from our loved ones and friends. Such is the impermanent nature of things. As the Buddhist texts say, “Meeting is the beginning of parting.” The reason for contemplating on these things is to inspire us while we are still alive and together, to hold the preciousness of these moments close to our hearts, and to understand that these moments, which are so hard to come by, are precious opportunities to share love, care, and support with each other. If we can add this attitude to our New Year celebration, then I think there is the possibility for transforming this into one of the most meaningful and precious celebrations of our lives. Let me take this special occasion to share my love and respect with all of you. May you all be happy, healthy, and prosperous throughout your lives.

With love,

Zurmang Gharwang

Dear friends,

I would sincerely like to wish you all a very happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year. I truly believe that this is the perfect moment to recall our shortcomings and to make sure that every act of ours is meaningful, because opportunities are hard to come by, and when there is one within our reach, we should not miss it. Instead, we should treasure such moments and work for the betterment of oneself and others. We may work hard to earn fame, wealth, and power, however, working for the well-being of all cannot really compare with anything on this earth. We cannot just hope for a brighter future if we do not make our present actions right. Thus, the present moment is the most important of all, because this is the moment where our actions decide where we are heading in the near future.

With prayers and love