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Learn from one's mistakes and please stop judging based on appearances..


In our lives we may often make mistakes, often out of negligence, and sometimes even unknowingly. However, making mistakes is not useless—there is

actually a lot that we can learn from our missteps if we reflect on them and use them as an opportunity to improve ourselves. Of course, it also depends on how we make our errors. If we are making mistakes out of carelessness, then we should simply take more care with our actions. However, if someone makes mistakes even when being careful, then this is a good chance to learn and improve oneself in the future. Firstly, mistakes give us opportunities to explore our own shortcomings. Having recognized our shortcomings, we can then become more conscientious of our actions in the future. Finally, we can acquire the knowledge of correctly distinguishing between what is right and what is wrong. Making the same mistakes again and again will lead us nowhere, but proper reflection on our mistakes and changing our behavior as a result can lead us to better prospects.

Sometimes we might think that it is easy to judge others and pretend to know others very well. However, knowing the true personality of others is difficult because what we are able to see from appearances does not give us the total picture of a person. Even if we have known someone since we were young, it is still hard to learn everything about that individual as many characteristics may be hidden deep inside. Therefore, it would be really wise and safe from our side not to jump to conclusions.