** If you see your Guru as a Buddha, you will recieve the blessings of a Buddha ** If you see your Guru as a Boddhisatva, you will recieve the blessings of a Boddhisatva ** If you see your Guru as a friend, you will only receive the blessings of a friend **

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Purpose of Religion

Religion is one of the most important parts of many people’s lives, and many embrace religion initially to be happy with their own lives.

Secondly, which is most important: it is through religion that we seek to connect ourselves with the awakened ones and attain liberation. As practitioners, in my opinion, we should use religion as a tool to promote respect, love, and patience with each other’s shortfalls—not hatred and disharmony. Religion is simply like a boat, and the moment we reach the other shore of the river, the purpose of religion has been served. Therefore, one can certainly say that religion is very important in accomplishing our goals, and it is important to follow the teachings without misinterpreting them, for otherwise religion may create disharmony.