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In Gharwang Rinpoche's opinion......

Written words is a form of powerful tool to pass messages to others. However, written words can only be meaningful when followed by actions.

Many times, people like to say beautiful things about others but these may just be empty words with no benefit or purpose. Thus, in my opinion, when we say something to others, these words should come from deep within. Otherwise they may simply be hollow words and lies. It is up to us what we want to be—a true and sincere person or just a busy mouth.


Before we begin to point out the faults of others, we have to accept our own shortcomings. Before we accuse others of wrongdoing, we have to pinpoint our own mistakes. Otherwise, it is like a good liar who is asking others not to lie. In my opinion, before I can advise others, I cannot be perfect but at least close and must try hard to be better in the near future. However, these days we may find many people advising others to be good and tolerant but within them we cannot really find these qualities. This is sad and disheartening. Thus, someone who admits his or her faults is braver than someone who wastes the precious live of others.


Hatred is like a fire: it will burn whoever touches. Thus, it would be really unwise to think that harming others will only inflict pain on others but not oneself, because the effects of negative actions will guarantee one’s own downfall. Therefore, such actions will not only cause pain to others, but acts of sin will drag us all down together.


Having high expectations and being overly ambitious will only let us down and bring us misery. Working hard, trying our best, and accepting the outcome, whatever it may be, will help us to be reasonable and wise. Success in life is not about what we want and like, but about how we are able to make use of every situation meaningfully and wisely. In my opinion, when we are able to change our lifestyle according to the situation, then success is not that hard to achieve in our lives.