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Loneliness as defined by Gharwang Rinpoche

Loneliness is a form of suffering faced by many people in modern societies. If we do not address this situation wisely and skillfully, then we may

end up becoming depressed, and eventually our precious lives might begin to feel meaningless.


It is important to think deeply about the situation so that we can come up with a solution. We have to examine why it is that we are feeling lonely. In my opinion, there are two kinds of loneliness. The first is what I call "circumstantial loneliness." There are certain times when we experience loneliness because of particular circumstances, such as when we are far away from our dear families and friends. This situation can be difficult, but it is soothed when we call our family and friends or meet with them again. Indeed, I think we all have moments of this type of loneliness in our lives. Having family and friends around can be very positive and helpful, but most importantly a mental change is essential.


I call the second type of loneliness "self-created loneliness." In today’s world it is common for people to emphasize individualism, prioritizing "privacy," and in doing this they start to build walls between themselves and others. This kind of loneliness is hard to overcome unless we change ourselves and the way we engage with the world. In the beginning, we may find a lot freedom in the individualistic approach, however, at the same time we are cutting our connections with the rest of society. This connection is in fact very important because we are not actually independent, but are interconnected with each other, meaning that we depend upon each other. If we try to shut out the rest of the world, we may as well be living alone in Mars!


To sum up, we need to be open and accept changes, because we are all interconnected and if we try to be alone, then we will always feel lost. Of course, if we are a highly accomplished person like an Awakened One, then it is possible to happily live in isolation, but otherwise it can be painful. So, be friend with others and if we share love, respect, and care then there is no reason why others will not do the same thing in return.