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Timeless Wisdom ~ Gharwang Rinpoche

There is nothing in life that is permanent. In this kind of environment, we cannot hold back things which are meant to move on.

However, no matter how difficult our lives maybe, we can still find happy moments and go on with our daily lives as long as we learn to let sadness go and move on. We just need to accept the fact that we are just guests and our precious bodies are just like guest houses. Therefore, we cannot plan to live for a long time. On my way to Jakarta.21/6/13



Whatever happens in life is all due to our past deeds. It is very hard to change while we are going through the effects of our past actions. However, we can make our future more beautiful and peaceful by looking into our thoughts and actions right now and not indulging in wrong acts. Today our destiny is in our hands, but tomorrow someone may take control of our precious lives. Therefore, when we have a choice, it will be very unwise to give control of our lives to strangers. To sum up, we should shape our own destiny by following the right advice and most importantly doing the right things. Medan.19/6/13


Success and progress in life are not made in heaven.
They are achieved solely through overcoming all our hurdles in life.
By following the right path and working hard.
It would be unwise for us to simply hope for good luck to come our way.
Nothing in life is guaranteed.
Therefore, it is always wise to give our best effort.