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Timeless Wisdom by Gharwang Rinpoche

We will be happier if we try to understand why problems are occurring.


As long as we don't know that life is precious, we will never appreciate how lucky we are.
Suffering is not always meaningless, because it can teach us where we have gone wrong.
Wealth may bring us temporal happiness, but can also give rise to jealousy and anger.
When we just aim for temporary relief, then we are sacrificing a lasting achievement.


Sharing love and respect with others is essential in life. In fact such practices are meaningful and beneficial. It has been proven time after time, the negative emotions such as anger or jealousy cannot bring us harmonious environment. In fact negative attitude disturbs inner peace and creates chaotic situation for all of us. In order to make our deeds more beneficial, we have to see the right moment and time because others may not appreciate even though we are doing it from our hearts. Sikkim.15/5/13


We are increasingly becoming more chaotic in terms of our attitude, behaviour, and actions in the name of development. Even people in developed countries are finding it more difficult to live in peace and happiness. There are serious questions we need to ask ourselves - do we want more development or to find a balance between development and happiness? After all, we cannot really satisfy our needs. It is like wishing to fill up the entire ocean with stones. It would be much wiser to draw a line, considering how much freedom we wish and how much liberty we want to give up in the name of progress. Unless we have proper balance, we are going to waste our most precious gift, which is our human life. Since unfortunately we cannot have both, we need to choose between liberty and being a slave to progress. Sometimes, when I look back, it seems that we have lost most of our freedom in the name of development, and unless we wake up and hold our ground, we are not going to see a happy ending. Moreover, I wonder if we are better off than our closest neighbours, because they seem to enjoy their lives, which indeed is the purpose of life. Sikkim. 18/5/13