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How Should We Live? - by Gharwang Rinpoche

Many times in our lives, we fall into inescapable situations that cause us great pain and uncertainty.

Life is beautiful and meaningful only if we know how to live wisely and in beneficial ways. In our lives, we inflict so much pain on each other just to get ahead of someone else. What makes living life with all its troubles really meaningful is that our precious life can bring happiness and satisfaction to so many individuals who would otherwise be totally lost. However, we need to always be alert and aware of all the dangers caused by our own poisons, such as anger, jealousy, and attachment, which await patiently to take away our happy future. Therefore, we should live our lives meaningfully and share what we can now, and let mindfulness and awareness safeguard our interests. Boston.13/4/13


It is not really hard if we decide to accommodate others, it is just a matter of what we want or we do not wish to include our neighbours.