** If you see your Guru as a Buddha, you will recieve the blessings of a Buddha ** If you see your Guru as a Boddhisatva, you will recieve the blessings of a Boddhisatva ** If you see your Guru as a friend, you will only receive the blessings of a friend **

Always Check our Intention

When we are desperate, we normally tend to look for a meaningful solution from every source. Although we may wish to find a solution, it may be

difficult to find an effective remedy that very moment. There is a saying that, “prevention is better than cure.” This means that every moment of our life counts, and if we are not careful, then hoping for a better future is unrealistic.

For instance, if we want to write well, then we need to practice from a young age, or at least for some time. We cannot expect progress to happen overnight. My own experience tells me that I have to be extra careful with what I say, think and do, because I am the one responsible for my actions. If I start to blame others, then I lose all hope of making things better for my own future.

Therefore, we must always be watchful of our actions and particularly any negative intention, because such negative actions and intention lead to more suffering and uncertainty. The wise think carefully before any action and especially check their intention. Boston 17/10/13