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Show Concern & Respect - by Gharwang Rinpoche

We are living in a world where people are showing less concern and respect for others.

Some people seem to agree and continue with this attitude, while others tend to have a different and more meaningful approach by sharing respect and concern with each other’s needs. In my opinion, respect and concern for each other’s needs are the most valuable characteristics of human beings.

Firstly, respecting each other is a very important part of humanity and without this quality I cannot consider myself a good human being. Today, I am not living in a world in which we used to admire and enjoy each other because people just want respect but refuse to share with others. If I do not practice how to be respectful not just to my family, but also to others, then I may not be able to teach humanity to the next generation.

Secondly, concern for each other is the key to success and being human. When I was young, my teachers always told me that I cannot be selfish because there will be a time when I need others just as others need my support. This is a lesson that I personally need to share with our younger generations so that I can fulfill the needs of others in building my own future through humanity.

In conclusion, even though there are people who may not agree with this thought of sharing concern and respect for each other, I still believe that out of humanity when I share my respect and concern for others, that is a positive step in the right direction.