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Belief - by Gharwang Rinpoche

Religion plays a very important part of many people's lives, and there are many individuals who want to embrace religion for a variety of reasons.

Some people believe that religion is important, while others think that it depends on how religion is interpreted and presented to individuals. In my opinion, when I embrace a belief, I need to know the correct interpretation and how to practice it for the following reasons. Religion can be dangerous if it is explained and practiced incorrectly, and before embracing any kind of religion we really need to study and understand it well.

First, if the religion is interpreted incorrectly, it could bring serious consequences to followers in whichever doctrine they follow. Personally, before I would accept any school of thought, I would definitely study it first and try to learn more about its beliefs. With this approach, I can protect myself from unwanted results. For instance, I have been following Buddhism for most of my life and my faith in Buddhism is growing by the day. I could not be so confident about my belief if I had not studied, practiced, and followed this belief for a long time. Today, there are many people who are suffering mainly because of interpreting incorrectly.

Second, it is very important for people to study and learn about the religion that they want to be part of their lives. When we understand religion better, we tend to appreciate it more, and have deeper respect for what we belief. There are many stories about individuals who have embraced their respective beliefs, and some of the stories can be very interesting, while we may find others to be disturbing. Whenever we face difficulties, we always look for protection and if we look for protection in the wrong belief, then we may end up in more pain.

In conclusion, religion is important, but we really need to study it and understand it because we tend to jump in to conclusions. If we practice according to the wrong interpretation, we may end up with more pain than happiness.