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Truth or Lie? - by Gharwang Rinpoche

Truth is always safe and beautiful to tell and behold, because when time goes by, respect and trust will be as long as rivers.

However, one has to make sure that the time and moment has to be right and wise. Lies may bring temporary relief and embarrassment but one has to always live in fear and discomfort, because one day it will come into light and may make life upside down. Therefore, for long time gain, it is truly wise to face short time pain.

In the 21st century, many of us seem to be quite happy and always looking forward for better tomorrow. It is true that one cannot deny in terms of technology and living condition, there is vast improvement. However, when we look deep inside us, we are, in fact, losing our freedom within and our life is simply controlled by computers, phones and televisions. We have just become the puppet of modern technology which has no respect, care and love for anyone. In my opinion, we have become modern time slaves of the technology. As long as we use technology when we really needed to is perfectly alright, other than that we are losing touch with families, friends and Mother Nature. However, I may be wrong. If we just spend time focusing on those technological stuff, then we have very little time to reflect on ourselves, which may then lead to uncertainty and confusion in near future. Eventually, we will realize that there is always no time to share anything because we are always busy with something else. It is time to develop pure friendship which is based on equality, respect and true care. Sikkim.14/1/13


When we think of loving others, somehow, we are quite reluctant and a bit concerned about people taking advantages of us in one way or other. Such worries prevent us from moving forward, therefore we have to overcome this misperception which has been building for a long time. Moreover, time after time, all those judgments are proven wrong and untrue. For instance, if we let anger or jealousy take control of our hearts and mind, we will surely say that the feeling is not pleasant and joyful. On the other hand, whoever allows love and compassion to take root inside their hearts will surely find peace and true happiness.


It is truly a Buddhist tantric belief that differences between male and female are just how we see but in terms of importance they are equally the same. Female represents wisdom and male represents methods. If one lacks either of those, then success is just a dream. For instance, to create a fire we need both match and match stick. Therefore, in my opinion, all these inequality and disrespect between male and female come from impure culture and tradition which has no wisdom but simply out of stupidity and gender discrimination. Sikkim.21/1/13

Every one of us has a hope to be better if not the best; and to fulfill such goals, we need to follow by right effort and hard work. Because miracles do not happen every day and our own experiences tell us that relying solely on others is not wise as it may lead to dissatisfaction.