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Timeless Teachings from Gharwang Rinpoche

I do not believe in what we are told to do but how I can be useful to societies. One may wonder if a drop of water can create an ocean. However, without it there will be only an empty river bed. Before we see faults of others, we should always look deep inside and within us.

Because what we mostly see outwardly is the true reflection of our own wrong doings. It is true that we cannot make others perfect but perfecting ourselves will be the best gift to the societies. It will be hard to believe that one day the world will become perfect. However, if we do the right things then our world is already a perfect place to live happily for all of us. Bodh Gaya. On special day.21/12/12

Please do not say that, "You are worse than an animal " whenever human beings commit crime. They always blame innocent animals by saying so. Animals never carry guns to kill others , never blackmail others, never rape and never create pollution to destroy our only planet. Therefore, there is no comparison in saying that . Kolkatta.20/12/12

You know what, when I visualize an ice-cream I am able to concentrate better.

There was a time when we enjoyed quality moment with family members and playing together with so many friends. When I think about it, it was indeed the golden age. Moreover, in such an environment we are able to appreciate fresh air and admire open beautiful surrounding. In the 21st century, time of technology has advanced so much that, we are now losing the human touch and simply connected to the untrue world. Today, in a way when I look where our societies are moving forward, it is quite disheartening. We are imprisoned by our own creation and we spend most of our free time in a tiny room and our world has become just one small square box. For instance, we may go for lunch or even for long holiday trips and most of us just spend time playing with phones and surfing nets and hardly spend any precious moments with others. In my opinion, the time has come to reconnect with each other or else we may just lose the precious moment forever. On my way to Bodh Gaya. 19/12/12

Hunger for fame is not truly a human nature but simply driven by the environment that we are living in and especially in the technology age. Fame may sound wonderful to many when anyone watches shows about fame or read magazines. However, it is truly deceiving because what we are seeing is not a genuine picture. Once you are in it, then many famous people do not find anything special. In my opinion, fame has three layers: first, it is associated with accomplished individuals and many may feel proud and happy to be part of such an association. Second, many may still feel happy and to a certain degree satisfied but a bit of uncertainty. Finally, when we come to our senses then we will learn that it is difficult to archieve it, harder to maintain and very easy to lose it. Therefore, it is all up to us how we want to lead meaningful lives in such an age. Sikkim. 16/12/12

When we begin our journey in lives, we were humble and easily contented with whatever we wish and want. Every day we work very hard to be happy and to live happily. However, during our difficult journey, somehow the course of direction changed according to the need of selfishness and greed. If One is asked, when was the beginning of our suffering, then we can say rightly that the moment our meaningful lives were guided by negative emotions, that was when all our problems began. It is all up to us what kind of future we all want to inherit. As long as we wisely follow the right path and right advice then our future will be bright and meaningful. Therefore, let wisdom and experiences lead our ways in order to safeguard our future. Sikkim .16/12/12


There are people who claim to conquer the world but that is just self-cherishing. Only when we start to look deep inside us then we will recognize that our pride and arrogance have defeated us. In my opinion, if anyone conquers negative emotions then he or she is the true winner. Sikkim. 14/12/12


We cannot simply wait for something meaningful to happen in our lives. Hoping for anything is the right step forward. However, there is great danger of not realizing our goals because hope is just a hollow wish, unless it is followed by the right action and strong determination. There is nothing in this world that we cannot achieve if we make the right effort and do it wisely. I truly believe that our world is a big playground and as long as we are determined and put in the right effort, there is so much space for all of us to live happily. Sikkim. 13/12/12


Dear friends,

(Happy Losong)

Today(13/12/12) is Sikkimese New Year and on this special occasion, I would like to wish all of youa Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year!!! May all your dreams come true.


Our lives are like a fast moving stream and nobody can change this phenomenon. When we are in such a situation, the best option is to follow the flow, or else we have to face the uphill task which is simply not worth it. Wise will always choose the best solution that very moment has to offer us because going against the nature is suicidal. It will be more meaningful not to be stubborn but move on even though temporarily, may be painful to us. Therefore, we have to be practical in order to survive in this unkind world which we called home. Sikkim.10/12/12


Since, human beings start to walk on this beautiful planet, we have never been free from selfishness and strong emotions. In such a difficult environment, if we wish others to take care of all our responsibilities and needs, then it is like wishing to have all our dreams come true. In a real world, things could be quite challenging and hard for us to take anything for granted. However, if one has a will to be contented, one will always find a way to be happy, healthy and wealthy. In my opinion, success of life is not simply judged by how much or how famous we are, but simply how contented and satisfied we are. I personally believe that we are very blessed because there are many people who work very hard to reach the top but then there are equally many who think there is nothing extraordinary. If we recognize that we have this opportunity not to take all those troubles, we learn to accept and move on with whatever success or failure in our lives. Sikkim.8/12/12


It is very hard for anyone to notice how good or bad we can be with each other. Many times we may assume that “I am right” but not necessarily one can be sure about such an attitude. I personally believe that others could be the best mirror to reflect our actions because we may not be able to see ourselves but if we use our wisdom to contemplate the action of others, then most likely we will understand where we stand. Sikkim. 5/12/12


When we fail to understand the purpose of life and how precious it is then our lifespan seems to be very long to many of us. The moment we start to appreciate this precious gift, then we all tend to feel that it is much shorter than we may have wished for. Therefore, this is the moment we all need to wake up and do something meaningful in our lives. Delhi. 4/12/12

Sometimes in life, we may feel that “I am worth nothing or useless” and such attitude is not at all healthy and in fact could be very harmful for many people. In my opinion, this is the moment when we need to look at our entire life from different perspective. Ups and downs are part of the learning process and it is solely up to us how we are going to shape our purposeful future by observing and doing the right things. Moreover, feeling may play a very important part in our lives but we cannot simply follow our feelings and start doing things because we may end up with more hurtles. I always balanced myself between moment of joy and pain and I can still find profound happiness within such an environment. These few years, I have also learnt that if anyone who embraces good or bad feeling too closely in their hearts, then it becomes very painful. For instance, when we watch movies, we do not carry strong feelings after watching the movies but simply will go back to our daily rituals. Life is unpredictable and every day is a new day so we should look far and forward, then we will see the whole picture of our lives. Delhi.3/12/12


Our journey of life is unknown and simply to expect something from the unborn is a bit of a wild guess. Right effort and mindfulness will lead us to meaningful destiny. Therefore, we cannot just hope for something good to happen but rather by following the right path which will decide the outcome of our future. Hong Kong. 1/12/12

In life, opportunities come and go. It will be really unwise from our side to go for temporal gain and to sacrifice long term accomplishments. Such luck comes not always and we need to fix wherever we are wrong. Or else, we may lose the chances to be better or best for our own sake in the near future. Hong Kong.30/11/12

Life is a beautiful gift from nature and with our right effort. We are all here for meaningful purposes, which is to make ourselves happy and share happiness with all. It is sad to see and hear that some people are destroying this beautiful gift and I cannot really understand why many countries are making weapons to take away the fundamental right from others. Selfish act is worthless and it is simply building more hurdles for ourselves. However, if we develop compassion in our hearts then we will see the purpose of life and this is what I called, planning a perfect future for all.

A wrong assumption builds a picture of untruth. Unless we wake up from living in such a state of falsehood, we may end up being a victim of our own creation. Wake up, wake up! Bodh Gaya.23/12/12

When we have to extend our service to anyone, it has to come from one’s heart, then only we will appreciate what we are doing. Or else, we may find it uneasy and maybe quite angry. Therefore, do it with respect and we will find joy and happiness in doing so. On my way to Sikkim.26/12/12