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Life & Emotions - Gharwang Rinpoche

Life is not always beautiful and easy, if we let worries, doubts and misjudgements take the lead then we will hardly see any light of happiness and success.

Let me put this straight, it is quite normal to face ups and downs in anyone’s life. In such environment, what really helps us is to think positively and be more far sighted, because everything in life is impermanent. Tomorrow will not be the same. There is a saying “Every Dog Has Its Day!” Do not always blame ourselves and certain things are beyond our control. Just need to accept that move on a positive note. Therefore, whatever is happening in our lives is like a dream and nothing remains forever. Be positive and just be happy because you make the difference.


Our emotions always play tricks on us. We never notice even though emotions such as jealousy, anger and pride live within us for a long time. It only takes one unfortunate day when it shows the true colours of destruction. Then it is too late to do anything. Therefore, we should watch our actions and always be mindful.

Life is like passing clouds. It is changing every moment. We will only find true happiness when we move according to time. Or else we will find ourselves in a very difficult situation. Moreover, stubbornness and arrogance will lead nowhere and in such an environment, willingness and acceptance of the situation are the best ways  to a  meaningful  solution.