** If you see your Guru as a Buddha, you will recieve the blessings of a Buddha ** If you see your Guru as a Boddhisatva, you will recieve the blessings of a Boddhisatva ** If you see your Guru as a friend, you will only receive the blessings of a friend **

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Love & True Strength - by Gharwang Rinpoche

Love is the most powerful tool to make everyone happy or unhappy. When we love someone just for desire

or untrue reasons then such attitude will ruin relationship or friendship and bring lasting pain to each other. In addition, to build up a strong and meaningful relationship we need to have a common space to share love and respect with each other. Most importantly to give enough space for one another. Or else, one may find uneasiness and discomfort. When we are too much into other individual’s lives that will create disagreement. What I believe may not be all correct but I truly believe that everyone has their ways to address such issues wisely. Therefore, for a meaningful friendship or relationship, we must endure a little pain which is worthwhile.


True strength is not measured by physical strength or wealth but someone who is able to counter anger, jealousy and intolerance. In life, we may win against many hurtles but if we lose the fight against these emotions, then we have lost half of the battle. Therefore, be strong and wise and do not let these emotions take control of us.